Hi! I’m Delilah, but you can call me Del. DollfaceSL is my creative outlet. I really enjoy shopping, creating outfits, and taking pretty pictures. Occasionally I like to talk about stuff & participate in blog challenges. I hope you’ll stick around! Feel free to connect with me through comments or any of my social media links. <3



DollfaceSL was originally created in May of 2012. In June 2012 the blog was moved over to tumblr. In September 2012 I went on hiatus and later resumed blogging on WordPress in April of 2013.

DollfaceSL is currently syndicated with iheartslGrid Syndicate, and BloggingSL. All published posts are shared on the official DollfaceSL Facebook Page, the DollfaceSL Google+ Page, and Delilah’s Flickr.