Skin Fair 2014: Part II


One of the things I was most excited about during Skin Fair was the new mesh head from The Mesh Project (The Shops). I chose the “Classic” mesh head and I picked up a few appliers for it.


So far, this is my favorite applier – Sasha from Deetalez. The pack included a base skin, meaning you don’t have to purchase the skin and applier separately. There are quite a few appliers available at Skin Fair, but not all of them are sold this way.


 Pink Acid – Anakoi | Morphine – Ghail | Boobielicious – Ryka

Overall, I enjoyed trying on this mesh head and trying out the appliers, playing with the settings, etc. It’s not something I would wear all the time because it doesn’t really feel like “me”. But, it is something fun to have and to see what other creators will make for it.

There’s just two days left before Skin Fair shuts down, so if you haven’t already you should visit now!


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