And I’m back!

Hey guys! Not sure if anyone still checks this blog, but I’m back! I kinda just disappeared in September of last year, sucky of me I know. I got kind of overwhelmed by blogging and it started to be not so fun. I plan to take it slower this time, and not feel pressured to blog new releases, etc.

Another sucky thing I did was delete my SL account. :/ And I was unable to reactivate it, so I’m starting fresh with a brand new avatar. Luckily I had my shape numbers written down so I can re-create my avatar. :D

I did move over to tumblr before leaving SL, and that blog can still be viewed. But I decided to continue blogging at wordpress, because it feels more “blog-like” if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I’ll be starting a new flickr and updating this blog’s appearance and settings. Once I get those done and my new avatar set up, I’ll start blogging again. Yay!

I’m excited to get started again because I really miss taking pretty pictures! So if anyone’s reading this – I’ll be back with a real post really soon. LOL



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