A Day of Shopping

So today I decided to dress for a simple day of…shopping!! I shop A LOT. Probably way more than I should lol. Either way, I still am waaaay behind on my list. Yes I make a list. :)

First I have to say that I really LOVE this Kate skin from [PXL]. It’s my first skin ever from them and I really love the clean, girlish look it gives me. This beautiful necklace and earrings ensemble (which you can’t really see – oops) are from Maxi Gossamer Jewelry.

Check out this great bag from Maitreya!! I fell in love with the color right away, it’s called Mint-Grey. I really can’t get enough mesh stuff. The Zipper Skinny Jeans from Maitreya are pretty fab, but I wish they were just a lil longer. The adorable Animal Pumps are from Apple May Designs.

I just had to show some detail from the back – the Athena Sweater (also from Maitreya) is twisted and bunched in the back. So cute. The jeans make my butt look fantastic!! ;) BTW how beautiful is this hair from Elikatira?!I never really shopped there because a lot of the styles aren’t my taste but I adore the newer mesh hair.

Happy shopping!!

Get the look:


[PXL] KATE PA Pale Lips Glossy (Tattoo)
[e] Listen – Blonde 04


Maitreya Zipper Skinny Jeans
Maitreya Athena Sweater
(AMD) Animal Pumps – Giraffe


Maxi Gossamer Esme Loops – GOLD
Maitreya Leather Satchel * Mint-Grey
Izzie’s – French Nails


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